Prussian Campaign Medal, for Non-Combatants (on combatant ribbon) Document

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The Medal was founded by King Wilhelm I as a commemorative award for service rendered during the 1870-1871 Prussian Military campaigns. It was conferred in two distinct categories, combatant and non-combatant. .

The Medal for Non-Combatants was conferred upon state and court officials who participated in the Franco-Prussian War in a non-combative role. It was also conferred upon voluntary nurses, stretcher-bearers, and doctors who provided care for the wounded and sick soldiers on the battlefields in France.

Individuals on the home-front were also awarded the medal for exceptional service that benefited the war effort.

The Medal for Non-Combatants could also be awarded on a combatant ribbon when it was conferred upon Military personnel who had not seen active combat in the 1870-1871 campaigns.

The obverse inscription of the Medal for Combatants translates to “For Victorious army” and “God was with us, to Him the Glory”.

The ribbon may have featured multiple combinations of the official and unofficial clasps.

The medal stamp was designed by Wilhelm Kullrich.


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