Bravery Cross of Freikorp Neufville, II Class

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The Cross was instituted by Major Georg von Neufville in around 1920, and it was conferred upon members of Freikorp von Neufville. The award criteria is ambiguous.

The unit was raised in December 1918 in Zossen and was a part of the Freiwilligen Landeschützenkorps. The Corp was composed of around 650 men, of which the majority were former personnel of the 4th Army Corps. It was divided into two Infantry Companies, a Machine Gun Company, a Calvary and detachment and an Artillery Battery.

In February 1919, the Corp served as part of Freikorp von Hülsen and helped disarm the garrison and airbase in Cottbus. In April 1919, the Corp aided the 2nd Border Guard Brigade of Major Georg Frotscher in the riots that occurred in Dresden, Leipzig and Chemnitz. Freikorp von Neufville went on to participate in the Kapp Putsch of 1920.

Freikorp von Neufville was also known as: 1. Garde Landesschützen-Abteilung, Detachment von Neufville and Schwarze Garde.


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