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This Cross was founded and designed by Oberstleutnant Karl Heinrich von Diebitsch, and it was conferred upon distinguished members of the Freikorps von Diebitsch from 1919 to 1920.

This Volunteer Corp was raised on March 26, 1919 and was volunteers were recruited from Kurland and Lithuania. The unit was charged with garrison duty, maintaining order in the Polish town of Suwalki, as well as fighting insurgents from Lithuania, Poland and Ukraine.

In June 1919, part of the unit was transferred to the Reichswehr-Infanterie-Regiment 102 of the Provisional Reichswehr, and the remainder of the unit formed the 3rd Battalion of the 1st Regiment of the German Legion, which later became part of the West Russian Volunteer Army. The unit was officially disbanded on December 18, 1919.

This Medal was awarded to women who aided the Freikorps von Diebitsch.

The obverse inscription translates to, "To Each According to His Merits."

This decoration was worn on a bow ribbon.


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