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Estimated market value:

$675+ USD


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    C.E. Junker, Berlin
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This badge was instituted by Wilhelm II and was conferred upon Army Observers for successfully completing several tests.

To be a recipient of the badge, individuals had to have an Observer license, pass a range of Observer skill tests including map reading, bombing and aerial camera operating, fly a minimum cumulative distance of 1000 km along or over the front-line, pass the aircraft flight technical preparation test, and perform successful reconnaissance flights.

The proficiency of each individual applicant was rated by the General Military Air Transport Inspection and Motor Vehicles.

This badge was issued by the official manufacturers, and available for private purchase by veterans, until the end of the Second World War.

The size and composition of this badge varies depending on the manufacturer.

The badges composed of stamped Silvered material were officially issued, while the plated badges composed entirely of Silver were purchased privately.

The size ranges from 45 to 47mm in width, and from 71 to 72.5mm in height.

There is a great deal of variation in the size, composition, and cost of Prinzen sized badges.


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