Commemorative German Order Shield for East Borders Protection, Large (enamelled)


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    Silvered Bronze/Enamelled
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The Badge was instituted on the behest of the XVII Army Corps commander Generalleutnant Johannes von Malachowski and was conferred upon distinguished members of the Border Defense East (Grenzschutzt Ost).

Originally, only XVII Army Corps military personnel were eligible to receive the award, but in March 1920 it was extended to voluntary civil militia units who helped protect the border alongside the Corps. Ultimately, Commanders of units deployed at the eastern borders determined whether an individual was eligible to receive the Award.

The Badge was an unofficial post-war decoration and recipients were required to purchase their own awards.

Numerous manufacturers were commissioned to produce the medals and as such, the badges feature different sizes, design details, materials, finishes and fastening devices.

The Award was conferred between November 1919 and March 1920. The total number of Awards conferred is unknown.

It is also known as the German Order Shield, Commemorative German Order Shield for East Borders Protection, and Border Protection Commemorative Badge.


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