Honour Cross of the Baltic Territorial Army (with sword)


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  • Honour Cross of the Baltic Territorial Army (with sword) Obverse
  • Honour Cross of the Baltic Territorial Army (with sword) Reverse

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$425+ USD


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    W. Lampe, Lubeck (WL); W. Muller, Posen; J.Edelhaus, Riga; Godet & Sohn, Berlin
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    This version has a Bronze screw plate.


The Badge was instituted by the Association of Former Personnel of the Baltische Landeswehr on March 1, 1920, and it was conferred upon veterans who completed at least three months of meritorious service within the Baltic Land Defence. Individuals who joined the force after July 6th, 1919, had to have served for at least six months.

Recipients who served on the front-line were eligible to add a sword to their awards.

As with all Awards established in the Weimar Republic, individuals were required to purchase their own Badge.

The Badge is in the shape of an equilateral Teutonic cross, and features both white and blue enamel.

Some badges feature a number on the reverse.

There were approximately 1,600 Crosses without swords awarded, and approximately 3,200 Crosses with swords awarded.


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