Order of the Nile, Type II, Grand Officer (for Republic, 1953-)


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The Order of the Nile was Originally instituted on April 14th, 1915, by Sultan Hussein Kamel, as the Kingdom of Egypt's highest State honour. The Order is conferred upon Egyptian Nationals and other foreigners in recognition of exceptionally valuable, distinguished, or meritorious public service to the Nation or throne. Both civilian and military service is eligible for the award. The Order was reorganized into 2 classes in 1926, and further reconstituted under the Arab Republic of Egypt on June 18, 1953, but still maintains its status as the highest state award.

Since 1926, the Order has been composed of 2 classes plus a Collar. The Grand Officer is conferred as the II Class.

The Grand Officer is worn from a neck ribbon.

The Grand Officer features an obverse Arabic inscription which translates to "What Benefits Egypt Owes to the Nile, Her Source of Prosperity and Happiness."

There are 2 versions of the Grand Officer. The first version was awarded during Egypt's Monarchy and features a surmounting royal crown. This version is the same design as the Type I Grand Cordon. The second version was established following the deposition of the Monarchy and omits the royal crown.


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