Order of the Two Rivers (Wisam al-Imtiaz-i-Rafidain), Military Division, Grand Cordon Breast Star

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The Order of the Two Rivers (Wisam al-Imtiaz-i-Rafidain) was originally established by King Faisal Ghazi I of Iraq in 1922 or 1927 (see IRQ100). However, the Order was modified following the 1958 Iraqi Coup de'etat which resulted in the fall of Iraqi Hashemite dynasty and the establishment of the Iraqi Republic. In 1968, a Collar was added to the Order. The Order was named after the two great rivers of Iraq, the Tigris, and the Euphrates, and is awarded in 4 Classes to both civil and military personnel in recognition of exceptional or meritorious services to the state. Other foreigners may also be eligible for the award.

The Grand Cordon Breast Star is conferred as the highest Class of the Order.

The crown design featured on the decorations of Orders issued during the Kingdom of Iraq was replaced by a republican eagle design during the Iraqi Republic.

The Grand Cordon Breast Star features an Arabic inscription on the obverse which translates to "The Republic of Iraq Loving the Country is Faith" and the reverse which translates to "The Two Rivers 1377 A.H. The People."


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