Medal for Valiant Labour, Type I (Variation II)


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    Monetny Dvor, Lenningrad
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    Obv: За доблестный труда Rev: Труд в СССР вопрос чести
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The Medal for Valiant Labour was established on December 27, 1938. This medal was conferred in recognition of self-sacrifice in labour, and displaying valour during labour activities. It was awarded to workers, national economy specialists, scientific workers, cultural workers, educators, health care workers, and citizens of the USSR. It was also awarded to foreigners. The medal was designed by I. I. Dubasov.

The medal is made of silver and red enamel, and has a 12 o'clock ring for the suspension. It has two types. Type I, early suspension (1938-1943), is made from two pieces. The early suspension is triangular in shape. A red ribbon is worn through the slots in each side of the suspension. Early screwback plates are smaller (18mm) and have a Mondvor raised mark, whereas later plates are larger (24-25mm) and the Monetny Dvor mint mark. The reverse of the medal has a small Latin "No" which is made as part of the medal before the hand engraved serial number. The red enamelled star on the reverse touches the rim on the medal on Type I awards. There are two variations.

Variation I has a copper screwpost which measures 3mm in diameter. The serial numbers range from roughly 1 to 1,500.

Variation II has a silver screwpost which measures 4mm in diameter. The serial numbers range from roughly 18,000 to 34,000.

The obverse Russian inscription translates to: "For Valiant Labour". The obverse also features the Cyrillic script for the USSR. The reverse Russian inscription translates to: "Labour in the USSR-A Matter of Honour".


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