National Order, Collar

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  • country
    Burkina Faso
  • date of institution
    August 6, 1993
  • remarks
    The inscriptions listed here are taken directly from the official decree. In reality, the reverse inscription may vary.


This Order was established by Decree on August 6, 1993, and has since replaced the National Order of Upper Volta, the Order of the Torch of the Revolution, and the Order of the Star of Nahouri. It is awarded to Burkinabé civilians and military personnel in recognition of personal merit and exceptional service rendered to the nation. It may also be awarded posthumously for acts of bravery.

The Knight is awarded for a minimum of 15 years of meritorious service. Knights and Officers may be promoted to the next grade after an additional 5 years of service, Commanders after 4 years, and Grand Officers after 3 years. These service requirements may be waived or reduced under exceptional circumstances - such as wartime, when an injured recipient may benefit from halved service requirements.

The Collar is worn by the President of Burkina Faso who acts as Grand Master of the Order. It is composed of 15 links, 8 of which depict national activities, and 7 of which depict trophies. The names of previous Grand Masters are inscribed on the reverse of the links. The obverse inscription on the badge appendant translates to "National Order."

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    Silver gilt/Enamelled

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