Order of Valour, Grand Cordon Breast Star

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    It is uncertain when the Grand Cordon Breast Star was introduced, and if it is still awarded. Versions cannot be determined until further research is conducted.


The Order of Valour is conferred upon Cameroonian citizens for meritorious services rendered to the nation. Members of the Order are required to have served for a minimum of 20 years as a civil servant, or for 25 years as a professional with exceptional contributions in the fields of arts, science, agriculture, commerce, or industry.

Promotion to a higher grade may only be made after a certain period of time spent in the lower grade. Knights may be promoted to Officer after 5 years, Officers may be promoted to Commander after 3 years, and Commanders may be promoted to Grand Officer after 3 years.

There are five versions of the order that vary in inscription. The first version features an inscription that translates to “State of Cameroon,” the second version features an inscription that translates to “Federal Republic of Cameroon,” and the third and fourth versions feature an inscription in both French and English.

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