Cape Verde

The Republic of Cabo Verde, is an island country in the central Atlantic Ocean. It is located in Western Africa, west of Senegal, and is a group of islands in the Atlantic Ocean. Cape Verde and Guinea-Bissau were a joint country until 1980. Over 539,500 people live on the island. The capital and largest city is Praia. The official language is Portuguese.

Settlement of the archipelago began with a small Portuguese military station in 1461. The Island eventually became a trading center for African slaves and a resupply and coaling stop for whaling and transatlantic shipping. In 1876, the slave trade was abolished on the island. The Cape Verde was remained under the Portuguese control until 1975.

Cape Verde has one of Africa’s most stable democratic governments. The president is the head of state and is elected by popular vote for a 5-year term.

The Order of Amilcar Cabral is the highest title and is conferred upon Cabo Verdean citizens in recognition of significant contributions to the defence, security, and independence of the nation. Members include veterans who fought in the struggle for independence from Portugal, as well as others who have fought against various forms of oppression. It may also be awarded in recognition of acts of bravery.


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