Great Order of the Bolivian Police, Type I, Officer

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    June 8, 1962


The Great Order of the Bolivian Police (Gran Orden de la Policía Boliviana) was instituted by the government of Bolivia on June 8, 1962, and it was regulated by decree on December 23, 1991. It was authorized during the reform inside the Bolivian Army as the highest award granted to the Bolivian Police forces.

It is conferred upon members of the Bolivian Police and Army, as well as citizens, and foreign and national diplomats, in recognition of eminent service rendered to the Bolivian Police. The Order can be awarded postmortem.

The Order consists of three divisions that are based on the service provided by the recipient: Al Mérito (To Merit), A la Constancia (To Loyalty), and Al Valor (to Courage.) Each division was regulated differently.

In MedalBook, the Order is classified into types according with the type of service rendered by the recipient. Type I consists of the awards granted for Merit, Type II includes the awards for Loyalty, and Type III includes the awards for Courage.

In Type I, the awards for Merit are awarded to those who have displayed outstanding and effective service to promote the principles and values of the Bolivian Police.

The Merit award consist of six grades: Grand Cross, Grand Officer, Commander, Officer, Knight, and Merit Cord.

There is no Breast Star relating to the Grand Cross and Grand Officer.

The Officer features an obverse inscriptions that can be translated to "National Bolivian Police."


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