Military Order of General Rafael Urdaneta, Type II, I Class Gold Medal

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  • I Class Gold Medal Obverse
  • I Class Gold Medal Reverse


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  • date of institution
    July 13, 1939
  • makers
    N.S. Meyer, New York


The Military Order of General Rafael Urdaneta was established in Venezuela on July 13, 1939. It was founded to replace the Order of Francisco de Miranda for years of consecutive meritorious service of Officers in the National Armed Force of Venezuela. The Order is also conferred to encourage military virtues and excellence among Officers.

Order's grades have been three: I Class Gold Star, II Class Silver Star, and III Class Bronze Star. In 1945, the insignia design was modified when the Order was revised. Despite of the changes, the grades remain the same.

In Medalbook, the Order is classified into types based on the modification of 1945. Type I is for the awards until 1945, and Type II for those after 1945 until present.

In Type I, the I Class Gold Medal is awarded for 30 years of service, and it was conferred with a yellow ribbon. The insignia consisted of a five armed star, white in Type II the insignia consisted of cross Patee.


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    Silver gilt

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    N.S. Meyer, New York

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