Order of Merit of Duarte, Sanchez and Mella (1957-), Military Merit, Knight

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  • country
    Dominican Republic
  • date of institution
    February 24, 1931


The Order of Merit of Duarte, Sanchez, and Mella (Orden de Mérito de Duarte, Sanchez, y Mella) was founded by Rafael Trujillo's government as the Order of Merit of Duarte on February 24, 1931. Its name and design were modified on September 9, 1954.

Since its inception, this Order has been the nation's highest award, rewarding national citizens and military personnel for distinguished services to Dominican Republic (República Dominicana).

Initially, the Order was named only in honour of Juan Pablo Duarte (1813-76) who was a Professor, Politician, and General born in Caracas, Venezuela. He together with Ramón Matías Mella and Francisco del Rodario Sanchéz formed La Trinitaria in 1838, which sought to expel the Haitian army of occupation, as well as they formed La Filantrópica which promoted the independence thorough the nation. They are buried in Santo Domingo, and are considered as the Founders of Dominican Republic.

In MedalBook, the Order is classified into types, Type I includes the version from the Order of Merit of Duarte (1931-1954), and Type II consists of the awards of the Order of Duarte, Sanchez, and Mella (1954-).

In Type II the Order of Merit of Duarte, Sanchez and Mella was re-named in 1954, the Collar was abolished, and the design shows the portrait of each one. The grades are I Class Grand Cross (with gilded breast star), II Class Grand Cross (with silvered breast star), Grand Officer, Commander, Officer, and Knight. It is still the highest award in the nation.

The military division awards depict two crossed swords on the surmounted laurel wreath.


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