Most Exhalted Order of the National Hero, Companion Breast Star

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  • Companion Breast Star Obverse


  • country
    Antigua and Barbuda
  • date of institution
    December 31, 1998


The Most Exalted Order of the National Hero was instituted on December 31, 1994, by the Parliament of Antigua and Barbuda, under the National Hero's Act. After the Act was repealed, the Order was re-established and re-constituted by the Parliament and Governor General on December 31, 1998; subsequent amendments were made. The chivalric Order is awarded to citizens who demonstrate distinguished service to Antigua and Barbuda or humanity.

The Chancery of the Order is composed of five Officers; Grand Master, Chancellor, Secretary General, Antigua Herald, and Barbuda Herald. The Prime Minister advises the Grand Master on appointments to the Order. Membership is open to all citizens, and while the Order may be awarded posthumously, the deceased do not appear on the current member list. All appointments are announced on Antigua and Barbuda’s Independence Day.

Individuals awarded the Order are assigned the nomenclature of Knights Companion (KNH) or Dames Companion (DNH) of Order. Knights Companions may use the title “Sir” in their forename, while their wives are able to use the title “Lady” in front of their husband’s surname. Likewise, Dames Companions may use the title “Dame” in front of their forename. Furthermore, Members of the Order are assigned a place in the order of precedence of Antigua and Barbuda.


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