Victoria Cross for Canada

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    February 2, 1993
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    Royal Canadian Mint
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    Only 20 Canadian Victoria Crosses were cast. None have been awarded.


The Canadian Victoria Cross was formally requested on January 1, 1993, and established on February 2, 1993. This Cross may be awarded to members of Allied and Canadian Forces in recognition of exceptional acts of courage in the presence of enemy forces which demonstrate devotion to duty and self-sacrifice. Canada’s definition of an enemy includes all hostile forces, regardless of whether an official war has been declared. It is the highest National honour.

The medal design is based on the British Victoria Cross. It features a bronze alloy cross pattée measuring 38mm across. It is composed of three metals; that of a Russian cannon donated by Queen Elizabeth II originating from the siege of Sevastopol; a medal marking the 1867 confederation; and metals heralding from all of Canada’s regions. The obverse cypher is the Royal Crown surmounted by a lion; the scroll underneath is inscribed with “PRO VALORE”, meaning “For Valour”. The reverse features raised edges and the date of the act of valour, along with the recipient's details, engraved. The Cross is suspended from a crimson ribbon with a bar, also inscribed with the recipient’s name, rank, and unit.

The first Victoria Cross was struck in 2007, and released to the public on May 16, 2008, by the Governor-General.

The Victoria Cross may be awarded posthumously and recipients are able to use the post-nominal letters “VC.” In instances of gallant acts performed by companies or squadrons, wherein all individuals are deemed equally deserving, a ballot is drawn and members choose amongst themselves. It is also referred to as the “Croix de Victoria”, in recognition of Canada’s bilingualism.

To date, no Victoria Crosses have been awarded.


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    Bronze Alloy

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    Royal Canadian Mint

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