Cross for Tepeaca, III Class Cross

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The Cross for Tepeaca (Cruz de Tepeaca) was instituted by the imperial regency of Mexico in 1821. It was awarded in recognition of the Mexican military personnel who fought against Spanish royalist forces at Tepeaca in 1821.

The Cross consisted of three classes that denoted the service rendered by the recipient. I Class Cross was awarded to those who distinguished themselves with heroic actions. II Class Cross was awarded for distinguished services in battle, and III Class Cross for supporting and collaboration in the field.

Each Class has its particular inscription. I Class Cross depicts an obverse inscription that translates to "He Poured his Blood in Tepeaca". II Class Cross features an obverse inscription that translates to "He Distinguished Himself in Tepeaca". III Class Cross has an obverse inscription that translates to "He Participated in Tepeaca". The reverse inscriptions are the same for the three classes, and it translates to "April 20, 21, and 22, 1821."


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    Obv: CONCURRIO A TEPEACA Rev: 20, 21 Y 22 DE ABRIL 1821

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