Military Merit Star, Naval Division, I Class Star (1911-1926)

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The Military Merit Star (Estrella al Mérito Militar) was instituted by ordinance of the Mexican Army in 1897, and it was approved and regulated by the government in 1902. It was founded to reward Mexican and foreign military personnel, in recognition of distinguished and extraordinary service rendered to the country during the performance of their duties.

The Star was authorized with different features to reward all the branches of the Mexican Armed Forces. The Army division awards were approved in 1902, while the awards for the Navy division were authorized in 1911.

In 1926, after the triumph of the Mexican Revolution, the Star was abolished, and replaced by the Heroic Valor Medal. However, the Star was re-instituted by the new government in 1929, and new classes were created.

In MedalBook, the Star is classified into Types. Type I includes the awards granted to the Mexican Army, while Type II includes the awards for the Navy.

In Type II, the Star for Navy division is also classified into Types. Type I includes the awards between 1911-1926, while Type II consists of the awards between 1926 to present.

Between 1911 and 1926, the Star consisted of three classes for the highest ranks.

It was awarded mainly to the military personnel who participated of the Second US intervention, and the Mexican Revolution War.

The Star features an obverse inscription that translates to "Naval Merit [Class]." It is not clear if the Star features inscription on its reverse.


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