Air Force Distinguished Service Order, I Class

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  • Air Force Distinguished Service Order, I Class Obverse
  • Air Force Distinguished Service Order, I Class Obverse
  • Air Force Distinguished Service Order, I Class Reverse


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    June 4, 1964
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    Wolf. Brown., Los Angeles
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    It was one of the rarer awards.

Physical Description

An oblong four-pointed star constructed of silver and bronze gilt, with outward facing planes between each of the points, the reverse is plain, with a wing suspension, on a dark blue ribbon with red trim and a rosette.


This Order was conferred upon Air Force Officers of South Vietnam in recognition of meritorious service and gallantry for any kind of service, combat or non-combat. It was also awarded for citations and wounds in combat. The decoration ranked immediately below the "National Order of Vietnam" and the "Vietnam Military Merit Medal".

The Vietnamese name of the Order is "Huân-Chương-Việt Nam".

The decoration was distinguished in two Classes: the I Class was given to officers and the II Class to enlisted personnel. It was also provided to foreign militaries. In the United States military the decoration was equal to the Legion of Merit.

The ribbon is blue with red vertical stripes on each edge. The I Class ribbon features a rosette.

In 1974, before the Fall of Saigon, the last Vietnam Distinguished Service Order was awarded.


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    Silver/Bronze Gilt/Lacquered

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