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  • Badge (for Base Personnel) Obverse

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    Wool Felt/Silver Wire
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    The Badge (for Base Personnel) image is attributed to United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Collection, gift of Salomon Slowes. For more information about its history see


The 2nd Polish Corps Arm Insignia was worn by members of the 2nd Polish Corps. It was approved for wear by units of the Polish Army in the East in late 1942 by the Polish Army Command in the East. It was approved again for wear by the 2nd Polish Corps in early 1944. The badge was discontinued when the corps was disbanded in 1947.

It depicts the arms of the city of Warsaw and may also be known as the "Syrenka." It is embroidered (or printed in late war examples) onto red cloth, but there are also examples with blue cloth that were worn by base personnel.

Because of the size of the 2nd Polish Corps (100000+), there are many variations of the Polish 2nd Corps Arm Insignia. There are additional versions that differ in size, composition, manufacturer, and even slightly in the design of the mermaid.


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