Badge (for Higher Naval Academy, 1958-)


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  • Badge (for Higher Naval Academy, 1958-) Obverse

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    State Mint, Warsaw
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    Obv: WSMW
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    The Badge (for Higher Naval Academy, 1958-) image is attributed to the Republic of Poland and is used in the public domain according to Article 4, Case 2 of the Polish Copyright Law Act of February 4, 1994. It was sourced from Jurek281 at Polish Wikipedia. See the following page for more information:


The Badge for Military School Graduates was created in 1948 and awarded to Officers upon their graduation from various military training schools.

The badge is classified into two types based on design changes. The Type I badges are in the form of a shield, while the Type II badges are in the form of an elongated diamond.

There are numerous versions of the Type II Badge that differ in inscription to denote particular training schools. It is further divided into three items based on additional changes in form. The following initials appear on the second item of the Type II Badge:
- ASG (“Akademia Sztabu Generalnego,” Academy of the General Staff)
- WAM (“Wojskowa Akademia Medyczna,” Military Academy of Medicine)
- WAP (“Wojskowej Akademii Politycznej,” Political Military Academy)
- WAT (“Wojskowej Akademii Technicznej,” Technical Military Academy)
- WSMW (“Wyższej Szkoły Marynarki Wojennej,” Naval Academy)


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