Order of the Partisan Star, III Class

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  • Order of the Partisan Star, III Class Obverse
  • Order of the Partisan Star, III Class Reverse


  • country
  • date of institution
    July 9, 1945
  • remarks
    The early models of the I Class and II Class awards were composed of precious metals and manufactured by Goznak. The later models of all the Order grades were composed of gilt materials and were left unsigned, but they were most likely manufactured by Prawema.


This Order was awarded in recognition of merit, heroic actions, and leadership in wartime and against fascism.

The Order was conferred upon Officers within the People's Army, personnel from the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and collective units within the Armed Forces. The awards could also be awarded to women and foreign citizens.

The Order may also be known as the Order of the Guerrilla Star.


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    Bronze/Bronze gilt/Enamelled

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