Order of the White Lion, Type II, Collar

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    December 7, 1922


This Order was originally founded during the Czechoslovak Republic (1918-1948) as an award to recognize meritorious actions that benefited Czechoslovakia by foreign citizens, and was later expanded to also include Czechoslovakian citizens.

It continued to be awarded from 1961 until the dissolution of Czechoslovakia on January 1, 1993. From 1989-1993, it was only awarded to foreign citizens and groups for significant meritorious contributions to Czechoslovakia.

The modern version of the Order was instituted in 1994. The President of the Czech Republic confers the Order upon foreign citizens in recognition of distinguished service to the Republic, with a focus on service within the spheres of public administration, politics, technology, education, the economy, and the arts.

The Order awards are awarded within two divisions, the Military Division and the Civil Division.

The Military Division awards feature a pair of crossed swords within the linden wreath that surmounts the badge.

The Civil Division awards feature a pair of crossed palms within the linden wreath that surmounts the badge.

The reverse inscription translates to "Truth Shall Prevail."

See the Order of the White Lion, CZE101 in Orders of the Czechoslovak Republic (1918-1948), and Order of the White Lion, CZE159 in Orders of Coalition Government (1946-1948) and Czechoslovak Socialist Republic (1948-1989) for more information.

The Collar is composed of 20 links featuring the monogram "CSFR" and links representing the union of the Czech and Slovak nations.

The Collar is only conferred upon foreign Heads of State.


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