Order of Gediminas, III Class Medal

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    It is uncertain whether the III Class Medal (1995-2002) was ever awarded, and more research is necessary for confirmation.


The Medal of the Order of Gediminas was established as an extension of the Order of Gediminas after it was created in 1930. It was suppressed during the Soviet occupation, but it was officially re-instated in 1995 following the collapse of the Soviet regime and the declaration of the Republic of Lithuania. It was amended again in 2002.

It is awarded to civil servants and enlisted men in the Lithuanian Armed Forces for meritorious service. It may also be awarded to foreigners, or in absence of service requirements, but only under exceptional circumstances.

The previous versions of the Medal are listed in the Medals & Decorations of the Republic of Lithuania (1918-1940). See also the Order of Gediminas in the Orders of the Republic of Lithuania (1918-1940) and the Republic of Lithuania (1991-).


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