Order of the Romanian Crown, Type II, Military Division, Grand Cross

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  • country
    Romania (Kingdom)
  • date of institution
    May 10, 1881
  • makers
    Joseph Resch & Sons, Bucharest; Paul Telge, Berlin
  • remarks
    It is uncertain whether the different ribbons will affect the value of this item.


The Order of the Romanian Crown was established by King Carol I in 1881 on the same day as his coronation. It was conferred upon Romanian citizens and foreigners in recognition of special merit. Beginning in 1938, the Order was awarded in civilian and military divisions, and in 1939 a grade was added for women. It could also be awarded with swords in recognition of wartime merit from 1916-1947. The Order was permanently suppressed in 1947 following the abolition of the Romanian monarchy. Today it exists as a dynastic order that is only awarded by the House of Hohenzollern.

There are two models of the Grand Cross. The first features a crown on the obverse while the second features the royal cypher of King Carol II. The second model was awarded in three divisions that differ in design. The Grand Cross (Military Division, peacetime, 1932-1947) features a surmounting crown and the Grand Cross (Military Division, wartime, 1938-1947) features a surmounting crown and crossed swords. All versions have an obverse inscription that translates to "By Ourselves."

From 1881-1932 the Grand Cross was awarded on a blue ribbon edged in grey and from 1932-1947 it was awarded on a blue ribbon with a centre silver stripe. From 1932-1947 it could also be awarded on a wartime ribbon (the same but with additional gold stripes) or a bravery ribbon (red with blue edges).

There may be additional versions of the Grand Cross that differ in size or composition due to a variety of manufacturers.


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    $2350 USD

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    Silver gilt/Enamelled

  • Inscription

    Obv: PRIN NOI INSINE 14 MARTIE 1881 Rev: 1866 1877 1881

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  • Maker

    Joseph Resch & Sons, Bucharest; Paul Telge, Berlin

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