Medal of Valour and Loyalty, Military Division, III Class

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    November 3, 1903
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    Monetaria Statului, Bucharest


The Medal of Valour and Loyalty was created in 1903 as a police decoration but was raised to an official state decoration one year later. It was originally awarded to members of the Romanian police forces in recognition of meritorious service and the maintenance of public order and security, but by 1913, it had evolved into an award for both police and military personnel. It was awarded during this period with a “1913” clasp for merit during the Balkan Wars. In 1916, it was designated a war decoration and featured surmounting swords when awarded in wartime.

The Medal was suppressed in 1947 after the abolition of the Romanian monarchy, but it was reinstated in 2000 following the collapse of the communist regime. It is currently awarded to Romanian military personnel and civilians in recognition of meritorious service rendered to public order, or national or civil security. It may also be awarded to foreigners or during periods of war, in which case it is awarded with swords to military personnel in recognition of service to national security.

There are two models of the III Class Medal. The first, awarded prior to 1947, features the portrait of King Carol I with an inscription that translates to “King Carol I, King of Romania,” and the second, awarded since 2000, features the national crest of Romania. Both models feature a reverse inscription that translates to “Valour and Loyalty.”

The previous versions are listed in the Medals & Decorations of the Kingdom of Romania (1881-1947).


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    Rev: 1916 BĂRBATIE SI CREDINTA 2000

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    Monetaria Statului, Bucharest

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