Royal Order of Saint Ferdinand and of Merit, Medal of Honour, in Silver

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  • Royal Order of Saint Ferdinand and of Merit, Medal of Honour, in Silver Obverse


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    April 1, 1800
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    This Order is very rare and its cost is certainly high. The price may vary according to the features of the version; the versions are usually made of solid gold and some displayed several diamonds.


The Order was founded by Ferdinand IV, King of Naples, to commemorate the defeat of the French, and the return of Ferdinand IV to his Kingdom.

This Order was awarded to men who had proven their fealty by staying loyal to the King. It was also awarded in recognition of extraordinary services that demonstrated an individual’s loyalty to the King and the Royal family.

The Order was originally awarded in two grades, the Grand Cross with Grand Cross Breast Star, and the Commander. The grades of Knight, Gold Medal of Honour, and Silver Medal of Honour were added to the Order in 1810.

The Order was discontinued following the unification of Italy in 1860.

It is recorded that the Order was granted as a dynastic Order until 1912.

The obverse inscription roughly translates to "Fidelity and Merit."

The Silver Medal of Honour was awarded to lower ranking military personnel, such as Non-Commissioned Officers and soldiers, in recognition of distinguished service.


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