Order of the Crown of King Zvonimir, Bronze Medal with Oak Leaves

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  • Bronze Medal Obverse
  • Bronze Medal Obverse
  • Bronze Medal Reverse


  • country
  • date of institution
    May 15, 1941
  • makers
    Braca Knaus, Zagreb


This Order was conferred upon civilians and military personnel in recognition of civil or military achievements that benefited the state and its people.

The Civil Issue of this Order was awarded with a solid white ribbon with red edges. The Military Issue of this Order was awarded with a solid red ribbon with white edges.

Decorations with oak leaves on the ribbon signify acts of gallantry in action.

This Order is named after Demetrius Zvonimir, who was the king of Croatia during the 11th century. His reign was a peaceful one and he was a loyal vassal to the Pope.


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Bronze Medal

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    $165 USD

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    Obv: DMITAR ZVONIMIR 1076 Rev: BOG I HRVATI 1941

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  • Maker

    Braca Knaus, Zagreb

  • Version Remarks

    War ribbon - red with white edges; Civil ribbon - white with red edges.

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