Decoration for N.C.O., Type II (for 20 years stamped "CL")

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    April 23, 1817
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    Chr. Lassen, Copenhagen
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    Long Service Decorations for N.C.O. for 20 years stamped "CL"


Established by King Frederik VI, this decoration was awarded to recognize Non-Commissioned Officers and individuals of equal rank, such as military hospital officials and judiciary officials, who rendered long service and good conduct.

Foreigners were eligible to receive this award.

In 1842, the Danish Army was reorganized and service conditions for Non-Commissioned Officers changed. This change also reformed the service decorations, and the existing long service awards were abolished and reformed into two service awards for 12 and 20 years of long service. Another reformation took place in 1854, due to another army reorganization, and this created the need to replace the existing 12 and 20 years of service awards. In replacement, the 8 and 16 years of service awards were created, but the 20 years of service award was retained. From 1922, Non-Commissioned Officers did not render service for a long enough time to receive the award and therefore, until 1949 only border guards were awarded the medals.

Initially, at the medal's institution, the reverse consisted of the coat of arms which featured 3 Danish Lions, the Swedish three Crowns and a Norwegian Lion. In 1820, the reverse coat of arms was changed to 9 hearts and 3 lions. Which is still commonly seen on many Danish Defence medals.

The medal has never been explicitly stated as abolished, but it has not been awarded to any individual since 1949.

Both the Decoration (for 20 years) and the Decoration (for 12 years) were instituted on April 28, 1842, during the reign of King Christian VIII.

The Decoration (for 20 years) was conferred upon individuals for 20 years of good service.


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    Chr. Lassen, Copenhagen

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