Order of the Holy Lamb, Commander II Class Breast Star

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    June 20, 1935
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    Alexander Tillander, Helsinki


The Order of the Holy Lamb was instituted on June 20, 1935 by the Synod of the Orthodox Church of Finland. It was founded as an Award to recognize distinguished ecclesiastics and laymen for outstanding works of charity and other contributions to the Finnish Orthodox Church.

The Finnish name of the Order is "Pyhän Karitsan ritarikunta".

The Decoration is divided into the following Classes:
Grand Cross
Grand Cross Breast Star
Commander I Class
Commander I Class Breast Star
Commander II Class
Commander II Class Breast Star
Knight I Class
Knight II Class
Medal of Merit, in Gold
Medal of Merit, in Silver

The Badge is shaped like a Greek Cross in gilt with blue enamelled. In the corners of the Badge are golden or silver seraphim. The center medallion has an white enamelled background and shows a golden image of "Agnus dei" ("Lamb of God"). On the black ring is written in golden letters "Kirkon hyväksi" ("For the good of the church"). It is worn on a light blue band with two white stripes on both sides.

The eight-pointed Breast Star in Silver features on the obverse the Lamb of God which is surrounded by a black ribbon with the inscription "Kirkon hyväksi" ("For the good of the Church"). The seraph heads of the I Class Breast Star are gold, those of the II Class are silver.

The Medal of Merit shows the Order Cross and is worn on the ribbon of the Order.


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    Silver gilt/Enamelled

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    Alexander Tillander, Helsinki

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