Decoration of the Lily, Silver Sun

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    April 26, 1814


The Decoration of the Lily was established by the brother of Louis XVIII, Count of Artois, the future King Charles X, on April 26, 1814. It was suppressed by Napoleon during the Hundred Days, restored during the Second Restoration, and permanently suppressed on February 10, 1831.

The Decoration was awarded to troops of the National Guard of Paris who defended the city and the King on March 30, 1814. By the decree of May 9, 1814, it was extended to the National Guard of France. After this, it was awarded to numerous administrators, military personnel, ministers, and prefects. It was extremely popular and many people wore the decoration unofficially.

Officially, the Decoration was a silver Fleur-de-Lys. On May 9, 1814 a royal surmounting crown was added. The decoration was originally suspended from a white ribbon, but on May 9, 1814 this was changed to a white ribbon with a rosette. On August 5, 1814 the National Guard of Paris began to wear the Decoration on a white ribbon edged in blue. It was not until the February 5, 1816 that the Decoration was ordered to be worn on a department-specific ribbon.

There is a great deal of variety due to the popularity of the Decoration and an unknown number of versions. There are versions that resemble the official decoration and others in the shape of crosses and suns. The following variables may be encountered on the Sun Decorations: surmounting crown; medallion; size; composition; inscription; manufacturer; ribbon; ribbon clasp.

It should be noted that the Sun Decoration is generally considered to have been worn by the Guards of the Royal House, although there is no official decree to prove this.


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