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The Order was founded by Prince Leopold IV in 1906, and was conferred upon individuals, regardless of rank or nationality, who rendered meritorious service to the Sovereign and State. Originally the Order featured a single class, which could be conferred with or without a crown.

In 1908, the I Class Cross (with crown) was modified to feature a stick pin fastening device. At this point, the Order was extended to feature a Silver and Bronze Merit Medal.

In 1910, the Order was extended to include a Grand Honour Cross, a Silver Collar and a Golden Merit Medal. The Grand Honour Cross was conferred upon the princes of the House of Lippe, as well as members of other ruling Houses.

The Grand Honour Cross served as I Class, the Cross (with crown) as II Class and the Cross (without a crown) as III Class.

In 1916, the Order’s purpose was extended so that the decorations could serve as a reminder of the ascension of the Lippe-Biesterfeld line to the head of the House of Lippe.

The Order became obsolete in 1918.


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