General Honour Medal, Type III, in Gold (with commemorative number "60")


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    Obv: WR 1890 Rev: VERDIENST UM DEN STAAT Suspension: 60
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The Medal was established by King Friedrich Wilhelm III and it was conferred in recognition of long and distinguished service, as well as for special services rendered by individuals who could not be appointed for an order due to their lowly rank.

The Award was largely awarded to lower and mid-level officers and officials.

The Decoration originally consisted of a I Class Medal in Gold, and a II Class Medal in silver. However, the gold medal was discontinued and replaced by a silver cross in 1814.

In 1830, the silver cross became the fourth class award of the Order of the Red Eagle.

In 1890, a gold medal was introduced, but in 1900, it was replaced by the Cross of Honour.

In 1912, a III Class Medal composed on bronze was established.

The Medal was discontinued following the end of the German Empire in 1918.

This decoration is identical to the Military Merit Decoration awarded from 1806 to 1814, but it was worn on a ribbon with a white central section, two thick red stripes, and two thin white stripes.


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