Golden Wedding Medal, 1879, I Class Medal (in silver gilt)


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  • Golden Wedding Medal, 1879, I Class Medal (in bronze gilt)
  • Golden Wedding Medal, 1879, I Class Medal (in bronze gilt) obverse
  • Golden Wedding Medal, 1879, I Class Medal (in bronze gilt) reverse

Estimated market value:

$900 USD


  • Country
  • Composition
    Silver gilt/Enamelled
  • Inscription
    Obv: 1829 1879 11 JUNI Rev: GOTT MIT UNS
  • Size

Physical Description and Item Details

Prussia, Kingdom. An 1879 Golden Wedding Anniversary Medal, I Class

(Goldene Hochzeitsmedaille 1879 I. Klasse). Constructed of gilded bronze with enamels, on loop for suspension from its period original ribbon, the obverse with a integrated monograms of Kaiser Wilhelm I and Kaiserin Augusta, within a ring of blue enamel bearing gilt dates of “11. JUNI 1829-1879”, topped by a German State Crown, the reverse with central coats of arms of Prussia and Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach, topped by a royal crown, above laurel branches, and circumscribed by an inscription of “GOTT MIT UNS” (“GOD IS WITH US”), unmarked, measuring 28.35 mm (w) x 37.57 mm (h), weighing 13.5 grams (inclusive of ribbon), in extremely fine condition.


The Medal was founded by King Wilhelm I to commemorate the golden anniversary of his wedding to Queen Augusta.

The I Class Medal was conferred upon relatives of the Royal couple and to the guests of the anniversary celebrations. 100 medals were struck, and they were manufactured by Friedrich Wilhelm Kullrich. The crowns were supplied separately by Sy & Wagner, Berlin.


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