Civil Long Service Medal

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  • Civil Long Service Medal


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  • date of institution
    August 31, 1913
  • remarks
    The German name of the award is ‘Zivildienstauszeichnung'.

Physical Description

A cross pattée surrounded by an oval laurel wreath, constructed of silver and enamel. The cross is enamelled in white with a silver border and silver ball finials at the tips of the cross arms. The centre of the cross features a Saxon coat of arms in coloured enamel, topped by a gilt crown with red enamel lining. The laurel wreath is enamelled in green with silver fruits. At the bottom is a silver plaque with the number ‘25’. The reverse is similar, except that the shield in the centre is gilded and pebbled, and features the white enamelled monogram ‘E II’. The plaque at the bottom of the wreath features the date ‘1913’. On a loop for suspension, on a ribbon with a purple centre and white sides, with narrow green borders on both sides of the white parts.


The Civil Long Service Medal was instituted on August 31, 1913 by Duke Ernst II. The medal was conferred upon court and state officials, such as members of the clergy and teachers, who rendered at least 25 years of irreproachable service.


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    Silver/Silver gilt/Enamelled

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    Obv: 25 Rev: 1913

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