Honour Decoration for Laudable Deeds

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  • Honour Decoration for Laudable Deeds Obverse


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    July 19, 1871
  • remarks
    The German name of the award is ‘Ehrenzeichen für rühmliche Tätigkeit'.

Physical Description

A smooth diamond-shaped decoration with pronounced corners and raised edges, constructed of silver. The obverse features a crowned, intertwined, and mirrored monogram ‘CA’. The reverse features a laurel wreath with the inscription ‘FÜR RÜHMLICHE TÄTIGKEIT 1870/1871’ (‘for laudable deeds’). On a loop for suspension, on a black ribbon with a narrow inner yellow border and a broad outer green border.


The Honour Decoration for Laudable Deeds was instituted by Grand Duke Carl Alexander of Saxony-Weimar-Eisenach on July 19, 1871. It was supposed to be awarded to men and women who had performed meritorious services to the nation during the war of 1870/71. However, contrary to these statutes, it was only awarded to women.

Only citizens of Saxony-Weimar were supposed to receive the award, although exceptions were possible. The award did not have to be returned after the recipient’s death.


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    Obv: CA Rev: FÜR RUHMLICHE TÄTIGKEIT 1870/1871

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    456 were produced.

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