Military Long Service Decoration, Type I, Cross for 10 Years

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  • Military Long Service Decoration, Type I, Cross for 10 Years Reverse


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    November 14, 1834
  • remarks
    The German name of the award is ‘Militär-Dienstauszeichnung'.

Physical Description

A smooth George’s cross with a knurled line, constructed of blackened iron. The obverse centre medallion features the crowned intertwined monogram ‘CF’. The narrow medallion ring is smooth and raised. The reverse is similar, except that the medallion features the Roman numeral ‘X’ inside a laurel wreath. On a loop for suspension, on a black ribbon with a broad inner yellow border and a narrow outer green border on each side.


The Military Long Service Decoration was founded by Grand Duke Carl Friedrich in 1834, and it was awarded to all members of the Saxe-Weimar military, with no consideration of rank, in the form of a cross.

The cross was awarded to all military ranks in recognition of long, faithful, and meritorious service for periods of 20 and 10 years.

The years employed during actual wartime counted double towards the number of years served by the recipient.


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    $350 USD

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    Blackened Iron

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    Obv: CF Rev: X

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