Order of the White Falcon, Type I, Decoration

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    August 2, 1732
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    The German name of the award is ‘Großherzoglich Sächsischer Hausorden der Wachsamkeit oder vom Weißen Falken, Kreuz des Ordens'.

Physical Description

A Maltese cross, constructed of gold, enamel, and diamonds. The obverse cross is enamelled in green with a golden edge, and one diamond per cross arm recess. Instead of a centre medallion, there is a red enamelled square with white enamelled tips that feature a diamond each. A white enamelled left-facing falcon with golden edges is placed on the square. The reverse is similar, except that the cross is enamelled in white and the centre square is enamelled in green. On it is a blue enamelled small plaque with the entwined golden monogram ‘EA’, above which is a red enamelled ducal crown with white lining and two crossed golden swords at the bottom. At the top of the cross is a diamond-adorned agraffe. On a loop for suspension, on a red ribbon.


The Order of the White Falcon was originally founded by Duke Ernst August to honour Emperor Charles VI, but the order quickly fell into disuse.

The order was renewed on October 18, 1815 by Grand Duke Carl Ernst, and it was awarded to Saxon citizens in recognition of meritorious civil and military service, especially service that benefited the ducal house.

While it was primarily a house order, it was also conferrable to foreign high ranking heads of state.


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