Honour Cross for Volunteer Nursing in Peacetime

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  • Honour Cross for Volunteer Nursing in Peacetime Miniature Obverse


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    March 1, 1912
  • remarks
    The German name of the award is ‘Erinnerungskreuz/Ehrenkreuz für freiwillige Krankenpflege im Frieden’.

Physical Description

A pebbled George’s cross with curved arms and a smooth, raised edge, constructed of bronze gilt and enamel. In between the cross arms is a wreath made of laurel on the left and oak leaves on the right side. The obverse centre medallion features the crowned and intertwined monogram ‘FAR’. The medallion ring is enamelled in red and features six small golden stars. The reverse is similar, except that the medallion is enamelled in white and features a red enamelled Geneva cross. The medallion ring is narrow and golden. On a loop for suspension, on a white ribbon with two broad green centre stripes and narrow green borders.


The Honour Cross for Volunteer Nursing in Peacetime was instituted by King Friedrich August III. It was awarded in recognition of merit within voluntary nursing services during peacetime.


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    Bronze gilt/Enamelled

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    Obv: FAR

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