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    April 25, 1943


The Demjansk Shield was instituted on April 25th, 1943, in commemoration of the fourteen-month defence of Demjansk by 100,000 men of the 2nd Army Corps, including the 3rd SS-Panzer-Division Totenkopf.

The Badge was conferred upon all members of the Heer who rendered at least sixty days of irreproachable service in the besieged area. It was also conferred upon army personnel who were wounded or suffered severe frostbite while serving in the area. In addition, army personnel who earned a bravery accolade while serving in the Demjansk pocket were also eligible to receive the Shield. Members of the Luftwaffe were eligible to receive the Shield after they had completed a total of fifty combat or supply missions in the region.

The coloured cloth backing of the badge varies according to the military service branch of the recipient. Army/Heer and Waffen-SS badges were awarded with a grey cloth backing. Air Force/Luftwaffe badges were awarded with a gray-blue cloth backing. Panzer Unit (Armoured Unit) badges were awarded with a black cloth backing.

Company Commanders were required to report a list of their eligible subordinates by December 31, 1943. The Badge was conferred until July 4th, 1944.

Each living recipient received five copies of the shield. A single shield was awarded to a fallen soldier's next-of-kin. It is uncertain how many Demjansk Shields were conferred, although the number is estimated to be over 100,000.

The badges composed of iron sheet metal are magnetic.


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