HJ Crowd Control Service Armband

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Hitler Youth armbands indicated the affiliation to the HJ, hence they were worn by all HJ members. Their designated place was on the left arm, 5 cm above the elbow.

The earliest armband, worn by the “Jungsturm Adolf Hitler”, the pre-HJ organisation, established January 28, 1923, was black, white, and red (the German national colours) with a black swastika on a white square.

In 1926, the armband was introduced that was to become the standard HJ armband. It was red, white, and red with a black swastika on a white circle. However, the armband that is predominantly found today shows the swastika on a white diamond.

Some armbands were worn during special events and would slightly differ from the regular armband.

The attributes and sizes of individual armbands will vary due to manufacturing. Many armbands were privately fabricated and do not conform to regulations in one way or another.

HJ members serving in support of local police forces, for example performing crowd control at special events, wore a white armband with the words Ordnungs-Dienst in black on it.


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