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In the Hitler Youth, chevrons to indicate rank have only been observed in the Naval HJ (Marine-HJ). They were introduced in 1934 and worn on the upper right sleeve of Petty Officers.

In 1938, a new regulation stated that only Petty Officers under the age of 18 would wear chevrons to indicate their rank. Those over the age of 18 wore their rank on their shoulder straps.

The 1938 chevrons were made of a circular cloth field, silver-grey insignia on navy blue, or cornflower blue insignia on white. It is possible that the blue chevrons were worn with the winter uniform, while the white chevrons were worn with the summer uniform.

Prior to 1938, Naval HJ Kameradschaftsführer wore a gold-coloured star on a navy blue field, or a blue star on a white field.

The regulation from 1938 changed the colour of the star to silver-grey.

The same chevron was also worn by the rank of Jungenschaftsführer of the German Youngsters (Deutsches Jungvolk, DJ).


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