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Lanyards in the Hitler Youth were introduced in 1933. They initially indicated both grade and function. After 1936, rank and duty position could differ. Shoulder straps were used to indicate rank, while lanyards indicated duty position. It was a common occurrence, especially during the war, for an HJ member to wear the lanyard of a higher rank, as they assumed the duty position without having been promoted to that rank.

Lanyards were generally worn from the left shoulder to the left breast pocket. Specifications prior to 1936 are unknown. Beginning in 1936, lanyards were made from intertwined coloured cords, with 35 loops.

The attributes of individual lanyards will vary due to manufacturing.

The rank of Oberstammführer was established in late 1938. They wore a white lanyard. The RZM (Reichszeugmeisterei, National Quartermaster’s Office) tag has red print.

So did Oberjungstammführer of the DJ (German Youngsters) and Ringführerinnen and Jungmädelringführerinnen of the BDM (League of German Girls).


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