SS-VT Old Style Visor Cap

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In March 1934, the Army introduced a field cap for Officers that is commonly referred to as a “crusher", and soon thereafter, the SS produced their own earth-grey version of the cap.

The cap features no wire stiffener in the crown and the interior cap band stiffener is only semi-rigid. The top of the crown, as well as the top and bottom edges of the black band, are lined with white piping.

Officer caps were manufactured with leather visor and featured a black velvet band. Some Officer wore non-regulation aluminium chin straps with the cap.

Non-Commissioned Officer caps were produced with cloth visors and a black cloth band. Early versions of the cap were issued with black patent leather chip straps that featured two black buttons, but in December of 1939, an order was issued that required the removal of the chinstrap and buttons.

The front peak of the cap features the SS national eagle and the black band features the death's head. The caps may feature either metal or cloth insignia.


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