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In 1935, the company Eisenhüttenwerke in Thale began to design an improved steel helmet that was similar in design to the First World War model, and on June 25, 1935, the Supreme Commander of the Army approved a design submitted by the firm.

The M35 was composed of molybdenum steel that had been pressed in several stages. The flared visor and skirt were reduced in size and the ventilator holes were set in small hollow rivets that were mounted to the shell of the helmet. The edges were rolled to make them smooth and a new internal leather liner was added to increase the safety and comfort of the wearer. Overall, the newly designed helmet was much lighter and more compact.

Although requisitions for the new helmet began in July of 1935, the SS-VT did not receive priority in terms of obtaining helmets, as the organisation was still considered to be of less importance than the Wehrmacht.

In around 1937, the status of the SS-VT had increased and a larger number of helmets were made available for the organisation.

The SS-VT version of the M35 is painted field-grey and features the SS runic symbol on the right and the NSDAP decal on the left.

The first and second patterns of the SS-runic decals were used on the M35. The first pattern features sharply pointed SS runes, and the second features rounder, thicker runes.

In 1940, the M35 helmets were repainted and reissued. Some received new liners and a repainted finish on the interior. The helmets received a new SS runic decal, the majority of which were in the first pattern, and some received a new NSDAP decal.


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