Waffen-SS General's Field Cap M40

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In 1939, the second pattern of the Overseas Cap, the M40, was introduced for wear by Officers. The caps were produced of fine materials, such as tricot wool and doeskin. They featured the Waffen-SS style eagle emblem above the death's head insignia. Both were ordered to be made of cloth, but metal insignia have been observed in use as well.

Caps for Officers featured piping along the top edge of the side skirt; piping was not used around the crown of the cap. Originally, Officer piping was aluminum mesh cord but was later changed to white cord. From that point onward, aluminum piping was reserved for Waffen-SS Generals. Despite these regulations, many Officers continued to wear caps with aluminium piping.

Starting in October of 1940, the enlisted version of the M40 was introduced. Unlike the Officer’s caps, these caps were produced out of napped wool. Initially, these caps featured a soutache in branch colour, in the form of an inverted V around the death's head insignia.

A simplified approximation of branch colours follows:
Silver or grey: Generals
White: Infantry
Red: Artillery
Black: Engineers (“Pioniere”)
Lemon yellow: Signals
Pink: Armoured/Anti-Tank
Copper brown: Reconnaissance (1940-1942)
Golden yellow: Cavalry/Reconnaissance (1942-1945)
Dark blue: Medical
Grass green: Mountain Troops
Light blue: Supply Troops
Orange: Field Police/Special & Technical Services
Dark Green: Reserve & Special Services Officers (1940-1942)
Red & Grey: Special Services Officers (1942-1945)
Carmine: Veterinary
Wine red: Judicial
Light brown: Concentration Camp Personnel
Light pink: Transport Troops
Light salmon pink: Military Geologists
Sky blue: Administration

The caps were field-grey and very similar in design to the Luftwaffe Fliegermütze, but its front corners appeared more round than those on the Fliegermütze. The lining of caps (for Enlisted Men) was usually field-grey cotton, although other colours, such as brownish grey, were also used. The lining for Officers was normally green rayon.

The cap worn by Panzer troops was black and similar to the Army’s black M38 Cap that Waffen-SS Panzer troops had previously worn. Despite the fact that a specific cap for SS-Panzer troops was introduced, many Waffen-SS Panzer Officers continued to wear the Army issued version.

In 1942, the M40 cap was retired due to the fact that it offered little protection in poor weather and lacked a visor to protect the wearer’s eyes from the sun. It was replaced by the Visored Field Cap M43.


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