Waffen-SS Metal Cap Eagle Type I

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  • Waffen-SS Metal Cap Eagle Type I Obverse
  • Waffen-SS Metal Cap Eagle Type I Reverse


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The SS had used the same metal eagle insignia as the Sturmabteilung (SA), which was established in 1929. The SS introduced its own version of the insignia in an attempt to differentiate itself as a distinct organization separate from the SA.

In 1936, the second pattern of the eagle insignia was introduced for wear by members of the Allgemeine SS. This new design was different from the eagle insignia worn by Navy and Army personnel, as the SS was regarded as a paramilitary force, and therefore was not entitled to use the Armed Services patterns.

Shortly after its introduction, members of the Waffen-SS also began using the new SS-style eagle.

The main characteristic that differentiates the first and second pattern is the straight, outstretched wings of the second pattern eagle, which features the longest feather in the centre of the wing.

There were countless manufacturers of this item and as such, there are many variations.


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