Waffen-SS 'Galizien' Division Lion Collar Tab

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  • Waffen-SS 'Galizien' Division Lion Collar Tab Obverse
  • Waffen-SS 'Galizien' Division Lion Collar Tab Reverse


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The 14th ‘Galizien’ Division was raised in 1943 and was originally manned by ethnic Ukrainian volunteers from the former Austro-Hungarian province of Galicia. The division later accepted Czech, Dutch, and Slovakian volunteers.

Foreign SS divisions were not permitted to wear collar tabs with SS runes and as such, each division was issued a unique collar tab. The first pattern collar tab of the 14th 'Galizien' features a rampant lion looking left. The second pattern features the Trident of Vladimir. For many years it was uncertain whether this collar tab was issued and worn, however, it is now known that the tab was worn by a rare few.


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