Waffen-SS Service Tunic M42

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  • Waffen-SS Service Tunic M42 Obverse
  • Waffen-SS Service Tunic M42 Obverse
  • Waffen-SS Service Tunic M42 Obverse
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  • Waffen-SS Service Tunic M42 Detail
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In July of 1940, the SS-Verfügungstruppe was officially renamed the Waffen-SS. Uniforms that were issued prior to this date will be included in the SS-Verfügungstruppe section. These uniforms include: the SS Black Service Uniform, SS M35, SS-VT drill uniform, SS-VT M36, and the SS-VT M37.

The predecessor organisation of the Waffen-SS, the SS-Verfügungstruppe, entered the war wearing the M36 uniform. The M36 tunic can be readily distinguished by its box-pleated patch pockets and dark green stand-and-fall collar, which features black and silver piping. All future Waffen-SS uniforms were simplifications of this model.

In 1942, the SS introduced a new Waffen-SS uniform, in order to limit production time and preserve materials. The new uniform was manufactured out of reprocessed wool that had been mixed with lower quality fibers, such as rayon. The interior lining was manufactured out of shiny rayon fabric.

Unlike the M40 tunic, the M42 tunic features simple patch pockets that were designed without pleats. The front of the tunic features five buttons and there are only two eyelets. There is no longer an interior suspension system to attach metal belt hooks to. Instead, four cloth straps with eyelets are sewn to the tunic and they are used to attach the belt supports.

The most evident change between the M40 and M42 tunic is the removal of the pocket pleats.


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